I’m Kelly Rheel.

I’m 35, I’m single and I live with my cat in Queens, even though I was supposed to be independently wealthy, world-renowned and living on a yacht in the Mediterranean by now. I’m not really sure what went wrong. It’s possible I got off track when I spent the better part of my twenties being hung over instead of diligently pursuing a career.

I didn’t apply myself then. I’m doing it now instead.

At a comfortable pace.

In the meantime, I’m an esthetician, which is a fancy word for groomer. I like to draw and paint and occasionally slap stuff together with glue and for the most part, I’m a vegetarian. Plus I do a lot of traveling and live in an apartment that I love in a pretty funky neighborhood and I’m not rich or anything but I have a good time most days.

When I take all of this into consideration I have to think that, although this life is nothing like I envisioned it to be, it’s still pretty awesome. So I’ll be happy, as I tirelessly pursue making it more so.

On the internet:

In the short time that Kelly has been gracing the internet with a presence more substantial than a lackluster Facebook profile, her influence has been felt by employees bored at work, the world over. For starters, Kelly is a regular contributor to xojane.com (you can say that if you’ve had more than one article published, right?) Her first post proved hugely controversial, inspiring heated debates in the form of over one hundred and fifty comments.


You have written one of the funniest spins on schadenfreude I’ve read in a while!” – Catrina_woman

“This is awful. And made me laugh my ass off.” – Gnarmindy

“You are incredibly selfish.” – CarlaST

Kelly’s second post proved oddly controversial, inspiring over one hundred and eighty comments, yet left her a hero (her words) amongst her fellow estheticians.


Anyone complaining about any aspect of this article (tone, tips, etc) has never worked in a spa/spa-like environment, never mind one that has run a Groupon…” – Sonia

However, some did not agree…

Sounds like the writer needs an article on how not to be a dick.” – mathsnail


Kelly’s work can also be found on Thought Catalog where readers tend to sit comfortably between completely ignoring her posts or telling her to shove them up her ass. What Kelly believed to be an innocent commentary on a Halloween costume, sparked fury from the likes of GawkerBitch MediaSalon, some chick named Batty Mamzelle and this asshole, who went so far as to say she was the worst thing to happen to the internet all week. Before you accuse her of burning crosses on her lawn (as some angry Twitter users were so inclined) please understand that Kelly lives in Queens, where property containing any square inch of grass, let alone enough to support a cross, is well without her budget. Oh! And also, she wrote this follow up, just in case you still aren’t convinced she’s not the Grand Wizard of the KKK.


On a lighter note however, you can see The Rheel Daze on Buzzfeed.com where Kelly manages to traverse a website without once being called an idiot. Check out her lists here.


In international news, Kelly’s incessant ramblings about her cat led to her being the subject of an interview by Sydney, Australia’s premiere veterinary website for small animals. Seeing as Kelly loves nothing more than to talk about herself, to date, it is one of the most fun things she has participated in as a blogger. You can read the interview here.

Kelly was a dream to interview on my site. Not only did she respond to my questions, she combed my site, found some better ones and answered those too! And threw in the world’s best digitally altered kitty portrait. Then her legions of fans checked out my blog. What’s not to love about this woman?” – Anne Fawcett, author of Small Animal Talk.

Kelly’s exploits on the internet have even transcended the boundaries of her online persona, creeping unfortunately into her professional life, where she was recently featured on the immensely popular website Yelp.

For my last session, I received my appointment confirmation with the name of the techniciaion who would be doing my treatment. I was bored and googled her name, Kelly R (name suppressed), and up popped a blog with a big fat entry on how she hates people with Groupons and how they never tip when they should, or if they do, not enough. I was so tempted to cancel my appointment after reading this (even though I do tip, it was the principle of the matter) but went through with it anyway. She was nice enough during the session.”  – Allie S

You can see Kelly’s response to this review in her post titled Let’s Get Rheel – A Conversation With My Boss.

While the internet has yet to truly experience the scope of Kelly’s reach, mostly because it’s a serious bitch getting published by anything other than a Twitter account, The Rheel Daze continues to to strive towards complete over saturation of the web one cat post at a time.

ANYWAY, if you’re interested in working with, or being featured on The Rheel Daze, please contact Kelly@therheeldaze.com and thanks for dropping by!