Eye Spy: Clinton Hill


I’m not the most spiritual person. Meditating stresses me out because I can’t relax. If ever I pray, it’s for things like the lottery or my safety upon boarding an aircraft. Also, I am terrified of Sedona. So in the past, when people have talked to me about the power of crystals and how to align my chakras, I’ve done my best to maintain my oh isn’t that interesting face, whilst not paying attention at all. I guess you could say I’m quite skeptical.

Cut to a couple of weekends ago, when after spending an afternoon at the energy-laced home of some friends of mine, I found myself floating down the street, giving thanks for all of the trees that were in bloom and the stupid birds in the sky.


Hue is a spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner and Kevin is a real estate agent who has been praised for the space clearing he does when preparing to sell a property. When they invited me to tour their garden apartment in Brooklyn I was excited to have another installment of Eye Spy, however I never anticipated the calming effects their living environment would have on the DEFCON 5 type demeanor I usually travel with.

It was fantastic. Here is what I experienced:


This used to be two separate apartments but after their next-door neighbor moved out about a year ago, Hue was able to knock down the dividing wall, giving them access to the entire ground floor with both front and back gardens.

Normally something like this would make me seething with jealousy yet I couldn’t help but just smile and be happy for my friends. Maybe I was slipping into a zen-like state due to the music Hue was playing. It sounded Indian, but not like the dinga dinga dinga stuff I usually get down to, rather, similar to what you would hear in a movie where people are being fed grapes and fanned with palm fronds. I was later told the tunes were by Deva Premal which I made a new channel on my Pandora. I’ve been listening to it all day and I don’t even want to kill myself over having an extra shift at work this week. Go figure.


If there’s two things this apartment has a lot of, it’s animals and crystals. This little kitty’s name is Biddy. I love me some animals so maybe getting to play with all of them was part of what was making me so relaxed all day but then again it could have had something to do with what Hue called their manifestation station. It’s supposed to help get you money and I also love me some cash, so you never know.

Kevin places a piece of paper with intentions written on it in the middle of the table. Then he charges the crystals off one another, mostly emerald and citrine which are supposed to bring about wealth and abundance, and gives them to clients to help them buy or sell apartments. Maybe I’ll get one in time for the next Powerball drawing.


I suppose I also could have been feeling all warm and fuzzy due to the glow throughout the space. There are light manipulators everywhere, like this vase that casts red and yellow tones along the wall.


My absolute favorite part of the entire apartment is this sliding wood door that Hue designed and had made from joists he picked up from a demolished lot. The left over beams were also used to make the coffee table, the shutters in the bedroom and this shelf with a thirty year-old hornet’s nest on it.


The red lamp was sold to them by a friend of theirs who needed money to pay for a sex change. They got it for seventy bucks, which makes me wonder exactly what part they paid for.


Click on me to make me bigger.

Hue told me that there were lots of elements in the apartment which were made to raise our vibrations as well as keep us grounded. I didn’t really know what that meant but I might have been able to feel what he was talking about. So many of the decorative pieces have a purpose, like the Thai egg. You’re supposed to make a wish for someone and when the wish comes true you paint an eye on it. Then you make a wish for someone else. It’s like the entire space is set with good intentions. You can’t help but feel more positive when you’re in it. Then again I was also on my third mimosa by this point and a couple sips short of asking to wear Tyra, his boa constrictor, as a necklace for kicks.

Just sayin.


This is a kitchen. I’ve been super into juicing recently because I’m damn near halfway through my thirties and my metabolism has been taking a nap the past couple of years. Hue told me to chuck my Jack LaLanne and get with this Huron slow juicer which he used to make the mixers for our cocktails. Sweet.

Now for the piece de resistance. The back garden:


You just don’t get space like this in New York. Well at least, people like me don’t. There are those folks with big-ass brownstones in Park Slope but I’m not friends with any of them.

I just love everything about this backyard. It’s my dream to one day be a crazy old lady in a big house with an overgrown lawn that is borderline scary for the neighborhood children but completely magical for me with vines and metal structures and cauldrons and statues. So yeah, basically like this.


The torso comes from a friend of theirs who took a long time to come out to his parents. When he finally did, as they expected he would, they had it waiting for him as a gift.

As soon as I was done taking pictures, I took my shoes off and ran for the swing.


And was all like Weeeeee! 


All told, I’m not sure if there’s any one thing that makes this place so special. It could be the clearing they did when they revamped the space, or the vibrations or the booze with the slow juiced juice in it. Whatever it is, it’s working because I was pretty chill for the rest of the day which is unusual for me.


So I want to give a special thanks to Hue and Kevin, and Gracie and Tyra and Biddy and all the crystals and the energy and colors for making me consider that maybe I have been spiritual this whole time, only I’ve just been doing it wrong.

  • http://damiengaleone.com/blog/ Damien

    These pics make me jealous. Not only am I incapable of relaxing, I have a cat who is incapable of relaxing and would therefore never allow plants, flowers, crystals or chi exist in my flat. My disjoiinted chakras are envious!

  • http://www.takeonlymemories.com Vanessa

    Hey, I just found you via Yes and Yes! And love your blog! Your tagline totally cracks me up!

    Gorgeous photos in this post :)

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I just checked out yours and it looks like we’re in a similar boat huh? It ain’t easy being so damn destined when no one else realizes it.

  • Gabriele

    AND THEY HAVE A BOXER!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE PUPPY EVER!!!!!!!! And with a Boxer, which is one wacky happy dog, how do they keep things “Serene”?

    Also, would they like to take a trek up to Rockland County…just over the TZ Bridge… and take a look at my place, to assess why it is not selling? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll prepare the mimosas’ It would be a fun day trip for the boys. Tell them to bring the dog. I will have to hide my kitty though, as she doesn’t approve of dogs (or my daughter!)

    • Kelly

      I know mommy! I freak out every time I see that dog.

    • Kevin

      Hey G–

      Send me an eMail at kkemble@citihabitats.com and I’d love to discuss your property w you.