Playing Hooky Is Good For You


Recently I’ve been pretty intense with this website because I feel like I’m not making enough progress in terms of the goals I want to achieve, so on the days I’m not at the spa, my planner has all sorts of scribbles in it like Two posts today! Find Slackers links! Schedule Tweets for the week! Utilize analytics! 

And yeah, there are that many exclamation points. I’m always screaming at myself.

This week I had four days off from work in a row, so naturally I thought it would be the perfect time to really get ahead and write my ass off. Monday and Tuesday I went to town, locking myself in my room and banging out as much material as I could muster, however sitting in my cramped apartment in a sweltering heat wave was beginning to feel a little bit suffocating so Tuesday night I hit my brother up and was all “Haay! What say I swing by your place tomorrow and we can do some work poolside?”

Allow me to explain. Twenty-two years ago my brother and I made the incredibly wise decision to befriend our boy Dan, who is now Doctor Dan and lives in a swank building with a pool overlooking downtown Manhattan. My brother is staying with him for the summer and now this is how I get to spend some Sundays:

Everyone knows having your feet in the picture proves you’re actually there!

However, this was not a Sunday, this was a Wednesday, so I packed up my computer and told myself that I was going to make it a work day, until I got there and my brother asked me if we should just have one drink. I mean, it hardly made sense to sit by the pool without at least one drink, right?

So next thing you know, I’m all like



It wasn’t long before my brother and I decided that there wouldn’t be much work getting done. That’s when the real fun started. There’s something special about blowing off your responsibilities to indulge in shenanigans. It’s a different kind of satisfaction than when you have a day off planned. Sometimes there’s too much riding on a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park because it’s like OK, we went to all the trouble of setting this up, it better not be lame, but if you were supposed to be doing something that sucked anyways but decided to say Fuck it! instead, you’ve got nowhere to go but up.

The best part is when you start making deals with yourself. My brother and I never fully committed to scrapping the whole day. When he went to make our second drinks I was like, Alright, but only one more, I have yoga at six tonight! and he was like No, seriously, I have kickboxing at seven!  It’s great because you keep telling yourself that you’re going to be somewhat productive which gives you the opportunity to have that Fuck it! moment over and over. Here’s one of them:


No one does a Fuck it! quite like me and my brother. The high-fives involved are so enthusiastic they often result in punches to the bicep afterwards in retaliation for busted hands.


I’m not sure if my brother is giving a thumbs up to the ladies or the mention that he should probably make one work call.


Things went from awesome to outstanding when the people next to us packed it in and we switched from this cabana…


 …to this one.

Game. On.


After that we were like Dranks! And then I was like I’m hungry! So Jeff is like Yeah! I’ll get us some food!


 That idiot came back with two apples and one cherry tomato. WTF?! So then he says Well what else am I supposed to bring a vegan on a diet?!  Then we high-fived again and I said


 Hahaha! You’re funny. And then he was like


No, really, eat the tomato, and then we went drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks and then this happened.


Oh and Jeff made that work call.


Neither one of us made it to our workouts though, but that’s OK. In forty years is it going to matter that I didn’t go to yoga or get that one extra post written? I don’t think so. I will however, be able to say, that I had a blast one time, hanging with my bro, at a fancy pool, laughing and high-fiving all day, drinking raspberry Stolis and eating a cherry tomato.

So if ever you find that you’re overwhelmed, buried under expectations and demands, do yourself a favor once in a while; take a personal day, bypass the gym, procrastinate with your homework and go do something fun. Have yourself a Fuck it! moment.

You’ll feel better for it.

  • DQ

    I loved everything about this!! Makes me miss my international travels with the Siblings Rheel.
    I can especially relate to the somber transition from nap time to Jeff making his work call – you’re all “OK, I need to sound not drunk, not happy, not poolside and somewhat professional.” Once the work call is complete, another high five.

    • Kelly

      You said it DQ! Whatever I can do to make you miss the Rheels, perhaps I’ll get you on another plane some day. Colombia for New Year’s BTW. It’s in talks.

  • Lisa

    My favorite! So fun!

  • Dianna

    Wow. I live only a mere 25 minutes from NYC and still forget that places like that exist.
    What a perfect place to have a fuck it day with the perfect person!

  • Gabriele

    What can I say. Once again, you and Jeff made your father and me so very proud. You two always do the best “Oh, Fuck It” moments, it brings a heart warming tear to my eye. Love you two!

  • Velvet Barentine

    This is a post I can get down with! My younger bro and I are professional level Fuck-its! We have lived together at times during our adult lives and if someone would bother to quit making drinks and jokes and record us, we could have had our own radio show. I must tell you, you hit the nail right on the head- if you plan a ‘fantastic day’, it often disappoints. But when you are supposed to be working? And the nice cabana opens up? Yeah, Fuck it! time for sure. You two look like you were having a blast, and I’ve never been to a yoga class with that big of a grin….good on ya both!

    • Kelly

      Me and my brother should have you and your brother over for drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks! You have to bring your own tomato though. We can do yoga ob the pool deck. JK! I’m not a complete asshole!

      • Velvet Barentine

        I would love nothing more! And drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks was such a hilarious line! I would totally bring my own tomato.. and at least one apple. You rule- but yeah, no yoga…especially in public! lol

  • http://charter Oma

    O MY what can I say??????

    • Kelly

      Fuck it Oma! Oh sweet Jesus, what have I done?

      • http://charter Oma

        now you’ve done it!!! is there a Birthday coming up????? F it, I will not remember!!!!!!

  • Alisha

    Hahahah this made me laugh so hard.

  • Gabriele

    So…in response to your post…Like 2 weekends ago, Chuck & I went to Pa with no plans other than to join out neighbors for a Sat nite dinner at their place. We left late Sat morning thinking it was going to rain. I wanted to take in a movie. Chuck wanted to go for a walk. Surprisingly, I wasn’t motivated to take that walk as it was cloudy and started to drizzle. So like…Chuck made me walk. OK…but not the whole lake which is over a 4 mile walk. Agreed, but lets stop over by the neighbors and drop something off. They said they were thinking of going for a walk, but weren’t motivated either. So I said, WTF…want to join us? And they said, Yeah, but not the whole lake. And we said “We’re cool with that.” Well…we had such a great time babbling and laughing, that we ended up walking the entire lake, and not feeling the stress of the hilly walk. Then they said, we invited other people over for dinner. They were great! We had so much fun with them. We laughed, and drank, and laughed. The friends said, “hey! We have a boat out on Lake Wallenpaupak…want to come out on the lake with us tomorrow? And I said… like is that a rhetorical question? Hell Yeah! And, oh BTW…does anyone want to go Kayaking???The next morning, my neighbor Chris & I went kayaking for about 2 hrs while Chuck & friends played golf. We then packed up our things and drove off to Lake Wallenpaupak. 7 of us took a ride around the lake in their new pontoon. We were checking out the wonderful houses on the Lake (Kid Rock owns one of them…it was nice) and decided we would all chip in and buy one of them, and take turns living in it. I was told Chuck & I could have Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would have preferred 2 days together…but why get greedy. We then checked out one of the couple’s beauuuutiful new house which they designed. And then, behind them, visited a multimillionaires home “in the making” overlooking the lake. The weather was beautiful. The people were wonderful. And the best part…except for the dinner, we had the best time because it was all spontaneous! Absolutely no pressure to make sure that our plans were successful. I felt so good, that on Sun night, I pulled out my laptop from work, and polished off a couple of hours of Chart Reviews…without resentment. So I agree with your philosophy!

    • Kelly

      Loving the use of acronyms mom. Very hip as the kids say. I don’t think the kids say that at all. Sounds like a great weekend though! It would have been better if you had actually hung with Kid Rock. Make it happen and get back to me.

  • Lauren

    What happens when you have entirely too many Fuck It days in a row? THEN WHAT KELLY RHEEL?!

    • Kelly

      I’d have to think about that but I’m going to go ahead and say that’s when you know you’ve made it. A succession of never ending fuck it days is pretty much my sole goal in life.

    • Jeff

      Well as we commented during the day, the goal was to have more days like that and less days working. Now we just need to bridge that gap…

  • Erika

    HAHAHAHAHAHA This was awesome! You captured this feeling so well… the difference between a planned day off and a spontaneous day off! And oh, those same thoughts and notes of getting things done? Oh, soooooo always there! Haha, loved going through your day and thought process. Hilarious. Love the way you write!

    • Kelly

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one running myself ragged up here in the interweb. Bloggin ain’t easy! I love the way you’re at it too though Erika. Keep it up lady, you’re spot on!

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