Slackers Inc.

SimonBecause slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

Welcome to a special Monday edition of Slackers. I bring this to you at the beginning of the week because if you’re any kind of a true American you should be too sluggish from stuffing your face full of processed pork products and PBRs to concentrate on anything more involved than videos of flash mobs. I pretty much spent all day yesterday like Vanna’s cat Simon up there, only engaging my muscles when the threat of plummeting off the couch became imminent, however now that the circus which is the Fourth of July weekend is over, hopefully we can all start slowly rebuilding our lives. I can’t remember the last time I felt this contaminated by booze and artificial flavorings. God bless America. Here’s some nonsense to get you through the first leg of your journey back to vitality.

Looks like yesterday wasn’t such a dud after all!

NYC, I love you too!

Everyone should watch this. Very good and very sad.

I really need to move to the suburbs.

I’ve been told I suffer from this.

I watch a lot of ridiculous television and even I couldn’t get through a What Would Ryan Lochte Do episode. Kudos Ryan, you have gifted me with a threshold.

It’s been so insanely hot this weekend all I could think about was where I could take a dip. Now I have 24 new locations to aspire to.

If my father could have an hour long text conversation with himself, it would look like this.

Oh my God, a plane flew through this woman’s house! No wait, that is her house.

And finally, something to motivate you! Now I’m going to go run half a mile.

  • Gabriele

    Uh-oh…I do TV Binging.. and binge watched many of the shows they made reference to. I also have a Bitch resting face. What’s a woman to do?.

  • Vanna

    I knew Simons lazy poses would make him famous one day:)