Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

OK, it’s seriously 100 degrees outside so I think for your own good you need to be indoors clicking on these internet links. This is the one time where a rheeldaze post may be responsible for saving your life.

You’re welcome.

Thank Christ! I can only hope Groupon is next.

Lists like this are sometimes annoying because they’re like lets all agree on how cool we are by pretending to make fun of ourselves but I love the Pat Keirnan reference so here you go.

Disney princesses turn deadly.

#2 is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! That and when people use the word “literally” in a figurative manner.

Can your 80s be your most enjoyable decade? I know they were for me! Oh wait, that’s not what they mean.

Oh no, Dustin Hoffman! Don’t cry. We forgive you.

I used to peg the crap out of my jeans. And then layer three different colored socks.

He’s in his 50s???

You send me a Sicilian pie and you can break up with me every day of the week as far as I care.

I wonder did the author have me specifically in mind when they wrote this?

That’s all people! Stay hydrated! Preferably with margheritas.


*Kangaroo by St, George on

  • Lindsey

    That is one sexy kangaroo!

  • Lorraine

    Ralp Macchio is NOT in his 50’s! He just CAN’T be!!

  • Gabriele

    I will never use a “common phrase” again for fear of being judged for my possibly incorrect grammar…which BTW, has happened multiple times. Ugh!