Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

It is possible that I scrap looking for pics for Slackers on the internet all together and simply photo source images of Vanna’s ridiculous cat Simon from now on. She sent me this one with the caption “Why the long pause…”

If you’ve never heard that joke, it’s hilarious. A polar bear walks into a bar and orders a rum……..and coke. The bartender says “Why the big pause?”

Haha! I die every time I hear it. Anyway, Vanna put the punch line to very good use in my opinion.

Hey, check out some links:

Ummm…I was not expecting that.

I while ago I thought I’d be all proactive and join LinkedIn, however one year later I find that after numerous failed attempts at unsubscribing from this service which has served absolutely no purpose for me, all I have to show for it are thousands of emails asking me to “link up” with people I haven’t seen since grade school. I’m glad John Oliver agrees.

“Members claim to believe that an invisible alien made of spaghetti and meatballs created the universe after drinking heavily.” Now that’s a religion I can get down with.

You said what to Oprah?!

It’s just a boob!

Oooh! Some of these look like aliens!

As if kids aren’t terrifying enough.

I wrote one on New Year’s Day once that said “If we have to be here, so do you!”

All of a sudden the grocery store running out of my favorite whipped cream doesn’t seem so bad.

The first one is my favorite!

It’s not a Sharknado?? Are you sure?!

Just an end note, when Sharknado first came out, the NY Post speculated on the legitimate possibility of a “Sharkicane” given we have another super storm. I’m glad I gave up reading the news.