Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

Heeeeeeeey! This is what I felt like all August. That lazy whateveritis in the hammock right there. Which is why there hasn’t been a slackers in over a month. But being that it’s September and I’m naturally a complete nerd when it comes to school and text books and pencils and new notebooks and stuff, my internal clock is bellowing right now and I’m all sorts of fired up for homework. So we’re back. With a vengeance. Here’s a super duper slackers just in time to keep you inside, bent over your computer, on one of the last nice days of summer.

Not me though. I’ll be here today, in case anyone was wondering.

Who knew Drew Carey was such a babe at 22!

I was like Whatever! when Chits and Giggles told me if I watched this without crying I had no soul but then there I was, like six minutes later, bawling all over my computer. So on the one hand I suppose it’s nice to know I’m not destined for eternal damnation?

Anytime I’m feeling less than enthusiastic about going to the gym, all I have to do is play the video of the Munster vs. All Blacks haka and I’m usually out the door within thirty seconds.

I find it hard to sift through all of the info that’s out there these days on how to be a better blogger. Especially when so much of it is written by people who have been blogging for like ten seconds. Here is the best advice I’ve found so far.

If I was the type of person who screamed out the phrase “Girl Power!” it would be after watching this video. I am not, however. Just to be clear.

I know this is old news by now but I can’t not include Stephen Colbert’s piece on Viooco, Kentucky’s gay mayor. 

Was New York basically like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in the 80’s or what?

I get really bored of the cliched over protective dad/daughter dynamic when I see it in movies or anywhere else for that matter, so this article was very refreshing.

If I left McDonald’s with less McDoubles than I had asked for, you’d better believe there’d be trouble.

They are adorable though. 

Awwww. This makes me miss working in a restaurant. Just kidding. But it’s all true.

Ok, so my “super duper” version was really only three links more than my regular version. But I wanna get outside and so should you.

Go enjoy the end of your summer!


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  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    Good Afternoon, I go by my nickname Awesomely Over-Zealous, pleased to make your acquaintance!
    *Soo.. I am jealous of where you were, that pool looks absolutely heavenly! >.<
    *Drew Carey WAS a HOT Marine at the age of 22, tis a shame. LMFAO @ Ryan Seacrest, Love Betty White – Golden Girls forever!
    *I can't listen to that Chits and Giggles because I'm being VERY productive at work and I can't ball out crying right now or they'll think I'm more crazy and weird than they already believe me to be O_o
    *That Munster vs All Blacks haka just made me giggle and hope they would start breakdancing.. but then again, it takes a lot me to find motivation to go to the gym :)
    *I regularly check in on the TheBloggess site and that is the best advice, I just started my blog a week ago and I'm sick of reading about the importance of SEO and write rants but write about what you care about and yada yada yada.. I do what I want!
    *Umm.. Girl Power.. that chick is awesome. I wish I could that.. You know the batter wasn't going to hit that ball.. he was mesmerized by her flip! The power of the poon.
    *Colbert is awesome: Enough Said
    *Hahaha that makes New York look dirty.. but Isn't every part except Central Park that way? 😛
    *Best parental advice
    *I have sent this video to all my coworkers and have watched it 3 times.. that is the Georgia educational system at its FINEST. Hil-Arious
    *They are very adorable but will they last! High school puppy love <3
    *It most certainly does NOT make me want to work at a restaurant but definitely makes me happy I am a) a good tipper and b) strengthen the fact that we SHOULD be extra nice to bartenders, they have access to the goods!
    Thank you for helping me kill 2 hours on a Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend. :)

  • Auntie Nic

    Thank you for the restaurant link. I think it’s ironic that I laughed at each and every one of those points in a nostalgic way when in fact, all of that shit happened in my life about 2 hours ago. All. Of. It.

    Oma! If you’re reading this, read that link! Jeff will show you how to do it. And sorry about the curse word. That was directed at Kelly.

    • Kelly

      I love how I wrote sarcastically “This makes me miss working in a restaurant” as if dealing with people in a spa environment is any fucking different. I think my favorite of all the points was you can tell people who have worked in the service industry from the people who haven’t. That applies everywhere.

      • Kelly

        Scratch that, at least the people in the spa environment aren’t drunk. Which is either a plus or minus, depending on who we’re talking about. A minus when it comes to me personally.

  • Anna

    OK that restaurant life lessons list was the shit, all so true. Some days I don’t miss it, but then I miss the cash in my pocket. Then again I was getting into way too much trouble when I had said cash.

  • Kristyn

    So, funny story! I was checking my stats from my blog (which I do not do often, I promise) and I saw lots of hits from your blog. I had to check it out and see what was bringing folks over. HA! I’m so glad that you cried too and now we both aren’t going to die terrible, lonely deaths.

    In all seriousness though, wasn’t that just the sweetest darn video you have ever seen? I can’t stop thinking about it weeks later! I need to rewatch it. And I am now a follower of your blog!

    • Kelly

      Yeah! That was a tough one. Jesus. I had to watch that kitten surprise video on YouTube about fifteen times after it just rebalance my hormone level. Thanks for posting it though, it made me feel good about people. And thanks for checking out the blog!