Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

If there’s any animal on the planet that’s a complete slacker, it’s the turtle. Look at how lazy he is! He’s just out for a walk and he looks terrified.

I’m just kidding little turtle! We all know you don’t have it easy. I would never leave the house either if I had to bring it with me everywhere I went. BTW, you’re witnessing first hand the guilt that I experience anytime I say something bad about an animal as though they understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. I am constantly apologizing to my cat immediately after I get snarky with him. In this case, I am assuming that not only does this turtle speak English, but that he also has internet access and subscribes to The Rheel Daze.

Ohhh-kaaay, here are some links to get you through to the weekend:

Speaking of animals, my brother turned me onto this site recently and I am one part totally impressed and ninety-nine parts insanely jealous that in three months this dude has accumulated thirty thousand followers. He posts anonymously, but I think it’s the guy behind You heard it here first!

While we’re at it, I might as well share this post he did as well because it’s really funny.

I haven’t been able to get myself back in gear after visiting Minnesota and eating anything that can be fried and put on a stick. Maybe I should try Madonna’s diet for a week.

Me and Vanna almost did this one night But then we remembered we had beds downstairs.

It took me a solid fifteen minutes to get through these rather confusing photos.

I will NOT!

My brain hurt just watching this.

It can’t be easy having kids. Kudos to the parents who’ve got it down.

We do like to grow mustaches and throw on some sweatbands and some high gym socks alright. But in a totally ironic way. Get it? Yeah, me neither.

Ahhhh! Just looking at this makes me queasy!

That’s all folks. See you in two weeks.

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  • AwesomelyOZ

    Hey hey Kelly!

    That first link to is awesome. He has to be someone with a fanbase already because that kind of number ranges takes time to get haha. Have fun wherever you’re off to!

    Au Revoir!

  • Anna

    28.8 seconds. blindfolded. rubiks cube. Say whaaaa?