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Have I used this picture already? I don’t even know anymore. With the amount of shit I rip off the internet, I’m basically just sitting around waiting to get sued. Please hover over this lazy dude to see where I got him from. It only took me two years of using WordPress to figure out that you can create a title for your photographs instead of clogging up the space underneath, when you want to credit something.

Yo, it’s Friday. I ain’t got a job and I ain’t got shit to do. Time to get high! Just kidding. I don’t have a job but I’m actually quite busy. And I don’t smoke weed. I just thought it would be fun to say that because it is in fact Friday and I am currently unemployed. Maybe I should start smoking weed. Then write the rest of this and hit publish and see what happens. Maybe I actually did that. Maybe that’s what’s happening right now. Dude. I’m blowing my own mind.

Anyway. Here are some links.

I always knew I was smart, but a genius? According to a new study, I’m pretty much a modern day Rainman.

I read that there was a new commercial airing that encourages girls to become engineers and it was set to a Beastie Boys song so I thought Cool, lemme check it out! only to find that the song playing in the background is actually Girls. I’m not knocking the song but the original lyrics are “Girls to do the dishes! Girls to clean up my room! Girls to do the laundry! And in the bedroom! Girls!” It’s an awesome song but not one I would play for my daughter in the hopes that she would someday make something of herself. In their defense, they changed the lyrics.

Lisa hooked me up with a couple of fun links this week including a funny video of some cops attempting (unsuccessfully) to stop a bunch of long boarders from crossing a street.

I’ve listened to the tape of this guy describing a car accident to his boss at least six times now and it gets funnier every time I hear it.

It is highly likely that I am peri-menopausal right now because I will cry at ANYTHING. In preparation for the upcoming Olympics, Moscow has instituted a program that allows subway riders to purchase their passes in squats. I don’t know what it is about seeing humans do fun things but the video was making my eyes swell. Jesus Christ.

I would say that this was odd, but horrifying? Jennifer Lopez on Inside The The Actor’s Studio is horrifying. Let’s not get crazy people.

After I wrote my article on Just What The Hell Is Going On With Dudes These Days? Lynsey from Eternally Wanderlyn sent me this link about people taking it back to horse and carriage times. I say we all just call it a day and start wearing pelts.

Usually when it comes to photography I’m kind of like meh. Like, who can’t take a picture? (Actually, I can’t. Using my new fancy joint with the manual settings is a serious bitch so I have a whole new respect for photographers) However, these photos, and the story behind them, made me want to look over and over.

People are going absolutely ape shit over these invisible bike helmets. The video attached makes it out like these chicks split the atom. I’m not saying what they did isn’t cool but from the lead up, I thought an actual forcefield around someone’s head was going to be revealed as the apparatus. It wasn’t.

It blows my mind how unapologetically self-involved we’ve become. I really don’t find selfies to be cute or fun in any way. They just make me hate a bunch of people I like in real life when I see them posted all over my Instagram and then I feel like a jerk for wanting to smack my friends. These are the worst kinds of selfies if you don’t subscribe to the theory that all selfies are the worst kinds of selfies.

OK, get back to work Rachel!


  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    Lol I’m 3/5th a genius so I’m OK with that (lacking the blue eyes and big knockers). Yes Beastie Boys is always a good choice for when it comes to women’s matters 😛 WTH you have to squat to ride on the damn metro now? Let that waste of technology remain there. I’m sorry but J.Lo does make me cringe – she’s not “real”.. not even an ounce. How about instead of pelts we all give up on life and wear velvet like George Costanza. And those photos from Kyle were phenomenal – those are examples of selfies that ROCK because they’re not gay or self-centered. Happy Friday!! -Iva

    • RheelDaze

      Yeah, those pics were pretty impressive. Enjoy the weekend Iva!

  • Rachel!

    Hey, you were the one who coined the phrase “slacking off is hard work”! So technically I am working while reading this. Thanks for the loophole! 😉

    • Mcgyvra

      Co-worker’s note: we use the term “working” very loosely here. Especially on a Friday when all the bosses are gone for the weekend….

      • RheelDaze

        All of your bosses are gone and you’re actually at work?! And I’m not any funnier. I was actually high. Wait, no I wasn’t. But if I was, that’s probably why I listened to that car accident guy so many times. What happened with long-haul truckers?! You guys are funny. Are you high? I’m really not. I promise.

    • RheelDaze

      Touche! That’s supposed to say too-shay just so you know but I can’t figure out how to make an accent mark.

  • Mcgyvra

    Can I just say, I think unemployed has in fact, *improved* your comedic writing ability (which was already excellent). You are reading my mind today….And just so you know, I forwarded Rachel that link about the guy describing the car accident THIS MORNING…what a riot – And Moscow? If you’d like a great complementary story, ask Rachel about long-haul truckers.

  • Alisha KP

    I am a FLIPPING genius. Tick , tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!

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