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ExcitedCrocBecause slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

Hey! Today’s Friday! This is usually the time of week when I tell everyone to stop doing their jobs and look at all these links I found because there will always be Monday and work is over rated anyway. However, that’s not how I’m feeling today! After a pretty pathetic December, I’ve found myself totally invigorated and refreshed in the new year, even going so far as to tout the benefits of a little hard work here and there, due to all of rewards you stand gain as a result of it! (Seriously? You bet!) Why just this week I celebrated an entire year of being cigarette free and I finally updated my about page and I went to my kickboxing class and then I ate a salad and I even launched a whole new feature right here on The Rheel Daze that I hope you’ll all check out and possibly contribute to! In fact…I’m kind of annoying right now. So let’s get to the links, because I’m freaking myself out. Starting with! (This is exhausting already)

It’s not that this isn’t a good article, but I feel like the real reason I’m throwing it in here is to let everyone know that I looked at The New York Times once.

I found out what my cat’s saying! Sadly, he still has no idea what the fuck I’m talking about.

I thought I was going to hate this video when I first saw it described as “a New Yorker’s take on tourists” but I was proved horribly, horribly wrong.

Am I a complete idiot or is a manned mission to Mars actually happening?

I feel like I would hate my kids if I had to come up with new ways to entertain them every time they opened a sandwich bag. Which is probably why I don’t have any.

“You can’t deep throat a banana around here without someone coming along with pointers.” -From Everybody Thinks They’re Awesome At Sex

I have around six hundred songs on my iPod and I probably listen to about twelve of them. It’s time to end the insanity. Thanks Allie!

If 2013 is known for anything it’s going to be missing limbs, the instants before death, unfortunate spills and oddly human animals.

You’ve probably all seen this by now but since talking about how ridiculously cold it is, is the new talking about how ridiculously hot it is (remember that from the summer?) I figured I’d include it anyway.

Annnnnnd just in case that wasn’t enough…

OK! Normally I cap these off at ten, but in light of my recent exceptionalism, I’ll be leaving you with a bonus clip. I even went to the trouble of embedding it for you, since just because I’m a total winner now, doesn’t mean that you are and you’ll probably want to watch this in as few steps as possible.

Every once in a while I need a Rubberbandits fix. After you watch this, you may too. Enjoy!

Until next time!

When hopefully I’ll have taken it down a notch.



  • Jenn from much to my delight

    Congrats on your no-ciggaversary! That’s a big deal! Seriously, the thing my clients tell me most–other than how dating has hit the skids since texting arrived, like that article suggests, is how difficult stopping cigarettes is. They (*I’m not 100% sure who I’m quoting when I say they) say it’s actually more difficult to stop smoking cigarettes than hard drugs, so hats off to you! Looking forward to giving you a hearty high-five when we meet on Sunday:).

    • RheelDaze

      Thanks Jenn! I probably tried to strop smoking a dozen times before it took and I don’t even want to say that “it took” just yet because I know people who have stopped for years and then started again but this is as long as I’ve ever gone. I think the advent of ecigs was a big help. I’ve since pretty much quit those too but they were a huge stepping stone in the beginning. See you Sunday! I’m looking forward to the high five and a Bellini.

  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    LOL I’m going to be a jerk in the end of the month in New York City. That video had me crying laughing – it’s funny because I always wondered why I walk to fast and HATE it when people walk slow and bump into me: I guess some of the traits I picked up from when I lived in NYC stuck with me. I walk at a New Yorker pace not Virginian. That article was HORRIBLE – wtf you mean dating is done? No F that get your F’ing ass, man up, take time from your pathetic life and set up a PROPER date with me. No effort, no booty – ish ain’t free. Tell me to meet you and your college b*tches – the nerve! Happy Friday Kelly! -Iva

    • RheelDaze

      I’ve watched that video like six times already. His hands make me laugh the most.

  • Amber

    I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that there were over 200,000 human beings willing to apply for Mars One. Best case scenario for the Mars One team is they get abducted by aliens.

    • RheelDaze

      I would think living on Mars would be miserable. Look at how much everyone complains about the winters on Earth.

  • Tim

    Holy shit that main picture makes me laugh hysterically.