Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

You ever wake up at the crack of dawn and then can’t get back to sleep? Wait a minute. Of course you do. You have jobs. I should gets one for those at some point. In fact, I am! Very soon. But I’m not going to say what just yet. Instead I will continue to try and distract you from yours with my fantastic internet finds. Because it’s Friday and slacking is we do best. Here you go:

For dudes on special occasions! Or for when they want to attempt something as difficult as solving a Rubik’s Cube behind their backs while blindfolded.

Yet another link for guys! (what’s happening here?) Only this one is to show how gross being a girl on an internet dating site can get, so maybe chill out with making sexual proposals as your openers? No, not you, the other guys!

Uh oh! Here comes some cat stuff.

Ever since I found out my cat think I’m just a bigger, clumsier, idiot of a cat, I’ve started to resent him taking advantage of me and not chipping in more like I don’t know, picking up dinner every once in a while.

24 expensive things that just aren’t worth the money. Weddings would be at the top of my list.

The internet has no goddamn sense of humor sometimes!

Children can be horrible but hilarious little creatures, can’t they?

I don’t understand why someone with this kind of talent doesn’t just actually counterfeit bills. I’d be buying a vacation home in the Bahamas with the boxes of money I crafted.

My mommy sent me this and I can’t stop watching it. Ella sings “An American Trilogy” by Elvis with dramatic hand gestures and all.

If you have an extra couple million dollars to spare, these clever remodeling tips for your home will come in quite handy.

True to form, I can’t get enough of NYC in the 80s. Here’s some subway shots circa Bernie Geotz.

OK, you’re free to online shop for the rest of the day now. Stay warm!

P.S. Rachel, if your’e reading this, I had a long haul trucker moment watching the made for TV Anna Nicole Smith movie on Lifetime the other day. I was mortified and thought of you immediately.

  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    Ha the internet is an a-hole half the time. That is the damn cutest little girl omg holy crap I can’t stop watching it either damnit!! Im getting way too distracted at work this needs to end lol Happy Friday Kelly! -Iva

    • RheelDaze

      I’ve seen it like six times. I can’t stop. She’s too much. Have great weekend Iva!

  • Rachel!

    hahahah!!! I am so glad that you can now use the phrase “long haul trucker moment”!!! I am also amused that you were mortified at something and thought of me immediately 😉
    PS – I am SUPER excited to hear what your next job will be! I hope it is not something that will cause you to stop blogging – because seriously – your posts are the bomb! (yeah, people are still saying “the bomb” in California…or I am just trying to bring that prhase back)

    • RheelDaze

      The bomb?! That works for me! I suppose that would kind of make this site then. Am I really going to write that? I got shivers just typing it out. Yes! I will still be blogging and thank you for your enthusiasm about that. I’ll have all sorts of new stuff to write about now with what’s coming up but so as not to jinx it I will wait till it all unfolds properly. So yeah, at the end of the movie where they show Nicole going up to heaven I’m sitting there with tears dropping from my eyeballs and I’m like “This is no bueno. I have to tell Rachel.” I will now think of you every time I have a ridiculous cry. Which tend to come closer and closer together these days. At least I know to stay away from Long Haul Truckers though. That show would just kill me. I don’t need to be back in therapy right now.

      • Mcgyvra

        Do you know what always pulls ME out of a long haul trucker moment? Remembering the video I saw of Rachel trying to do the “Dirty Dancing” move with some guy from her Krav Maga class (did she mention she likes to get beat up by strangers?–yes, it’s called Krav Maga) Someone edited it and put it in in slow-mo and it’s pretty much a riot. Sorry, Rachel– but I had to share….videos like that should not stand in the corner. Now if I could just figure out how to post it…..!

        • RheelDaze

          I’m not sure I could think of anything that would make me happier including finding the man of my dreams or the birth of a child than seeing Rachel’s edited slow-mo krav maya/Dirty Dancing saga. Her Long Haul Trucker story has already brought me such joy. I’m counting on you to make this happen.

          • Mcgyvra

            I can’t get video to post…but here’s a sneak peak….

  • Mcgyvra

    Clearly the guy from “My Cat From Hell” has gotten his hands on those crazy cat people who devote entire walls to their cat. I have a hard enough time getting a date as it is. If a guy walked in and found something like that in my house he’d be like, “um, yah, I just remembered I have an early squash game…”

    • RheelDaze

      Haha! Right? And I’m pretty sure that was a guy’s house. But oh my god, walking into a girl’s place like that? It thought it was bad that I kept and 8X10 framed school photo of my cat next to my bed (that is bad btw) but having an entire amusement park, that’s another story entirely.

  • http://thefearlessscribe.blogs

    The letters from kids almost made me pee my pants I laughed so hard.