Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.
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Ooooh! I got some good ones for you this week. You might as well just call it a day. Enjoy.

I was borderline on switching my Facebook pic to the gay equal rights sign but not having changed my profile photo once in six years is something I’ve grown proud of, so I give you this instead.

I’ve been desperate for a treehouse for as long as I can remember, however trees are hard to come by where I live. Maybe one day I can make a fire escape house to suffice, although essentially, that’s exactly what my apartment is. Anyway. Here’s some treehouses.

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers per say (no pun intended, you’ll get that when you see the link) but this is something I have felt ever since turning into a self-righteous vegetarian.

By way of Rochelle, I give you my next round-the-world tour.

I read somewhere recently about some guy who was all annoyed over the casual use of the word “awesome”. I think here it applies.

I love that someone can just write “womwomwomwomwomwomwom” in an article and I immediately want to throw on some neon and take a bunch of ecstasy. Wait. No I don’t.

Roommates can be the worst! I remember when I used to hide all of my toilet paper in my closet because I had a roommate who would never buy any of his own and later he told me how ridiculous I used to look when he would see me sneaking it out of my room and he knew where it was the whole time and I just wanted to bash his face in right there six years later.

I can’t help but always feel like it’s time for a vacation.

I’m doing my best to pepper the cat entries. I could have made this entire post of cat links alone but I like to think I’m not a complete asshole.

Oh my God, enough with the bacon already!

See! now if everything had just turned out the way I wanted it to, the whole world could be this kind of playground. 

  • Gabriele Davieds

    You had a tree house…don’t you remember? Dad built it and it had a rope ladder. Then the neighborhood kids came and kicked the crap out of it! :-(

    • Kelly

      I do remember. But technically there was no tree involved. That is NOT to say that I didn’t appreciate dad’s efforts. I loved what he built. But since then, I have developed an affinity for tree-houses. I want one. Badly.