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Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.
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Talk about slacking. I’m writing this during the commercials of a Vikings marathon. I guess it’s a good show because like ah…duh, Vikings. But on the other hand, I’m getting the sense that these guys were kind of dicks. So I’m torn between wanting to have all of their little Viking babies and hoping each of them dies a slow and bloody death for killing those harmless British monks. On second thought, no.

No, I don’t think I’m torn at all.

Oh right, links:

Not that I will be getting anything from my mother for Christmas after bitching about all the cat crap she’s given me over the years (totally joking! My mom does really well on the holidays actually) but just in case, here is something I will actually USE.

It’s not the terrorists who are this Bostonian’s worst nightmare.

I’m still trying to be her when I grow up.

My depth perception is all over the place even when I’m sober, but I suppose it’s possible this baby is drunk.

Wow. It’s like I could have written this myself.

I don’t know why I look at stuff like this when I’m dieting. Starving!

Bands so obscure, they don’t exist.

Oh Jesus Christ, I’m trying so fucking hard but I just can’t not include it!

I’ve expressed my love for all things Indian in the past but this just takes it to a whole new level. And oh hell, while we’re at it

And finally, who doesn’t love a Sharpie?

Have a sweet weekend y’all!

Last minute bonus Slackers: This is NOT my fault. This post was DONE, when at the zero hour, I get a link from Rochelle that features a cat dressed in a shark suit, riding a Roomba and chasing a duck. Like seriously, am I supposed to not put that in??

  • Philip

    I like the way your spa article got a lot of people wound up, Dicks!

    • Kelly

      I like the way it did too! And also, why is a spa article getting people that wound up? Like, relaaaax man.

  • Lorraine

    I would kill to be that lion right now.

  • Cassie

    Loved your How Not To Be a Dick article. As someone who’s gone back and forth for years on whether I should do it (for fear of being the one rare person to have a severe allergic reaction to the procedure), I thought the Groupon discussion was interesting. Like, I couldn’t afford the procedure without Groupon. But yeah… I see how it would be a huuuge pain in the ass.

    Also, kids are always drunk AND tripping. Fact.

    • Kelly

      That really is the one things Groupon is good for. It allows people who couldn’t otherwise take advantage of a service to do it. I just wish they would return the favor by purchasing something at regular price. PS you won’t have an allergic reaction to the laser. Go for it! But stay out of the sun!

  • Gabriele Davieds

    I’ll try and remember to get you that “purse” for those emergency occasions!

  • Gabriele Davieds

    Where do you find some of this stuff? Too funny!

  • Caitlin

    New reader here, just want to say that I love your writing. Very refreshing among a lot of the normal blog nonsense. Great links, also.

    • Kelly

      Thank so much Caitlin! Happy to have you. Looking forward to checking you out too!

  • Punky Coletta

    Love that Sharpie stuff!