Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

The internet is starting to run out of adorably lazy animals for me to use as Slackers mascots. My cat doesn’t do shit all day (I say that like I expect to come home and find him doing Tae Bo) so if I’m ever really in trouble, I’ve got about a thousand photos of him sleeping in various plush corners of my apartment but who wants to see that? Well apparently I do since my memory card is nearly at capacity.

Anyways, what the hell are you even doing reading this? Get to the beach already. Oh that’s right! It’s still like December outside. I soooo don’t believe in all this climate change nonsense.

Check out these links:

Best friends are the best

I plead guilty

And while we’re at it… 

I bloody love cheeseburgers, but I’ve only had one in the last three years because I’m all in love with stupid animals. This may lead me to my promised land. Hurry the hell up, science!

Some countries be crazy.

That dude’s house got stuck in between two other houses!

Guys love to solve problems but sometimes women just want them to STFU and pity us. At least I do. Cause my life is so hard.

Did you just say it was a social activity?! And I thought my Friday nights were lame. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the middle ages. Here’s where some filthy words came from.

Has this guy been tailing me my entire professional life?

Now I want them to make one with Bret’s animal sweatshirts.

Ohh-kaay you guys. Get out there and enjoy this fantastically frigid weather because in ten years when tornados are plowing down Fifth Avenue, 58 degrees at the end of May will have been a treat!