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Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.

Oh my God, I totally need a Slackers day. I worked a whole three shifts in a row this week because I had to cover for a girl who was getting her citizenship and now I feel like if I try to get out of bed too quickly I’ll risk breaking a hip. This is when I wish I had a roommate or a boyfriend or even a kid because I’m too beat to make it to the kitchen to fetch the menus. Me and my brother were so lazy when we lived together, we actually had a deal that the person who ordered the food was exempt from opening the door when it came. Now I have to do both. I honestly don’t know I how I survive out here all by myself sometimes. Which makes me wonder why I would even include this next link:

As if I would fair well in any kind of wilderness. Still, these tips are pretty cool if you’re an outdoorsy type.

They forgot to add See-ment and Inn-shurance. What’s up with those two, the South? Oh yeah, and you mid-westerners say ruff instead of roof, right?

Oh look, how beautiful! Yeah, I’m not leaving the house until July.

I found this article doing research for Monday’s post. Ooh, it’s a sneak peek! Kind of.

Is it just me or is this the last area you want to apply harsh bleaching chemicals to?

This is going to cause some horrific accidents but if that means I can get to China before five, then what the hell. Because I need to be in China before five.

I’ve watched this like six times. “These animals…we gotta take care of them. Not eat them.”

And I thought my tattoos were stupid.

I feel like most marriages would benefit from something like this. That is, having something take you out ten minutes in when you still kind of love each other.

Do you know how drunk I would be at all hours of the day if they still sold pina coladas for five cents?! That’s how much they cost in NYC in 1939.

Whew! Well I think all this linking calls for a nap, even though I don’t do much of the research for it anymore. This post was brought to you by Rochelle. Honestly, if I had a payroll, she would be on it.

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  • Rochelle Migliore

    Yay me! 😀 Except for the vegetarian link, I have strong feelings about moral vegetarianism….even when being argued by the exceptionally adorable :)

  • Kelly

    Ooh, we’ll have to explore those next time I see you! Actually, I’m quite interested in hearing them.

  • Rochelle Migliore

    Yeah, I’d love to talk to you about it :) good thing we’re so in love and can have healthy discussions like that 😀

  • Gabriele

    Still unable to open to the links :-(