Slackers Inc.


Because slacking off can be hard work. Let me do it for you.
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For anyone who didn’t read last Monday’s post let me bring you up to speed. I am recently unemployed, which in all honesty, is by far my favorite state of being. I settle into it with such ease, like it’s what I was born to do. I’m already up til 4 a.m., napping mid-afternoon and not doing my laundry because I rarely change my clothes. However, I don’t want to experience complete mental atrophy, so I figured now would be a great time to expand therheeldaze with a new feature!

Slackers Inc. will be a bi-monthly wrap up of fun stuff I’ve found on the internet for you to look at instead of doing your job. I mean, we all know you’re at work right now. Lets face it, you’re not on this site because you have better things to do.

Here are this weeks links:

Next time I want to let someone know how much I love them I’m going to call them an orange branch.

This guy has the same problem as I do! And by that I mean he knows now he will never realize his dreams.

There’s always been something about Johnny Depp that’s irritated me but I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. This fingers it exactly.

Turns out quitting my job was a safety precaution!

Aaaand here are a bunch of reasons maybe I shouldn’t have quit my job.

Is there anything more irritating than couples who hash out everything from arguments to love fests on public forums for the rest of us to vomit over? Well, maybe Johnny Depp.

And on second thought, maybe these people as well.

My mother once broke her foot in a frenzied attempt to not be late for a lunch date with me. Why? Because this may be what is written on my tombstone.

Can I imagine having this as a pet? Yes. Yes I can.

I’m not necessarily down with the super feminist tone of this article, I’m just happy to know I wasn’t the only one who was baffled by this week’s episode.

From one of my new favorite sites, Malina articulates so perfectly, what I nearly have a stroke over on every one of my bi-weekly trips to the grocery store.

Finally, my friend Saime told me all about this new way she was curling her hair. With a straight iron! The girl in the video talks for about an hour and a half before she gets down to any actual curling but holy hell! Look at what I did to my dome!


Now get back to work! Just kidding. I would never say that.


  • Malina

    Thanks for the love, gurl! Aaaand for bagging your own groceries AND your hair looks really pretty! My big beauty moment is if I happen to wash mine which is ummmm never.

    • Kelly

      Oh for sure. I’m having so much fun on your site. I’ve already sent “the glamorous life of” to at least four of my friends and will probably include it on the next installment of this series because it’s like “yes, exactly.” And thank you, my hair does look pretty decent for my hair, although when I texted this picture to my best friend she asked if I was one of the new Housewives of Queens. For anyone who is not familiar with Queens, while this wasn’t all together an insult, it was not a compliment. But it was funny.

    • allyson turner

      I LOVE this! Your hair looks fantastic…but if you wanna know why I’m afraid of all heated hair devices, see what I posted yesterday on fb:)…This is the coolest blog btw!

  • Vanna

    Ahhh I love reading your articles while I am in bed, not working. Can’t wait to check out the links! And my hair is not taking to the iron! Help! I need some queens hair up in this ice box of a city(MN)!

    • Kelly

      Mine didn’t at first either. Watch the video and try again. I can’t believe we’re unemployed in two different cities. This is stupid. Then again if you were here it would probably resemble our summer of TV in high school that my father still dry heaves over.

  • Jackie

    Kelly, come over and make my hair pretty…after i get home from work…