Sunday Funday! (Sorry)


Sundays are totally in right now. Everywhere you go on the first day of the week, you can see people out and about, galavanting around, just enjoying the shit out of them. The saying “Sunday Funday” has even officially become a thing. It’s used as a cheers at brunch, it’s got its own hashtag and men who are otherwise heterosexual six days a week, now find themselves so caught up in the spirit of it all that they are sporting t-shirts with the phrase stamped across their chests.

I’m not immune. I’ve long been a proponent of Sundays. For starters, I can eat. I have a really healthy relationship with food. Typically, I’ll starve myself Monday through Saturday and then on Sunday, I’ll binge like a person who has just starved themselves for a week. I get so excited about the prospect of food that I have trouble sleeping the night before. Then I wake up around 6:30 a.m. and run for the refrigerator much like a child does to the tree on Christmas morning.

I’m not particularly spontaneous though. A good Sunday for me requires a fair amount of planning and recently I’ve committed to having a life, so I’ve made a calendar full of restaurant reservations, concert dates and meet-ups straight through til December. Imagine how much fun it is to be my friend! My brother gets non-stop text messages about Sundays three weeks away with invites to Oktoberfests followed by over priced haunted houses. It never ends!

This past Sunday was particularly fun. A year and a half ago my mother bought classes for us at the Painting Lounge in Williamsburg and over the weekend, we finally made use of them. But first we went to the Rabbit Hole for some pre-painting brunch.


I love the menu and the atmosphere here. Still, I did not take this picture. I observe a strict “no photos of food” policy, which is somewhat hypocritical since I’ll just pull your photos of an Eggs Benedict off of Yelp. This leaves me colorful images to add to my blog without the embarrassment of being that girl in the restaurant. Win/win!

Then we were off to get our impressionism on. The Painting Lounge takes famous paintings and breaks them down into simple steps so anyone can be an artist.


We chose Leonid Afremov’s Alley By The Lake:


First you trace the basic elements of the painting from carbon paper onto the canvas.


Then the instructor guides you on how to fill in the different colors and even tells you what brush strokes to use to make your painting pop.


They usually allow you to BYOB but the state liquor authority is being a jerk and getting all up on their case about it so until they get that squared away, you’ll just have to paint sober. Or have an extra bellini at brunch beforehand. In about three hours you’ll have you’re very own masterpiece!


Sidenote: The reason I always pull a stupid face in photos is because THIS is me smiling “naturally”.

Thanks again mom!

But a Sunday wouldn’t be complete without fancy drinks that have a lot of calories in them. In this case I went to the rooftop garden at 230 5th to help Jeff celebrate his 41st birthday! I don’t have any photos though because I decided to make it a no Instagram jam.

Sundays are especially fun for me now that I no longer work Mondays. I get to stay up late, watch awesome TV, eat all I want and sip way too many obnoxious drinks. They do come with a price sometimes though. I’m so hungover I just cried at the end of Higher Learning where Tyra Banks gets shot.

And I hate Tyra Banks.

How do you spend your Sundays?

  • AwesomelyOZ

    Hey Lady,
    For me Sundays are Lazy Days (but they usually are with me since I’m slothlike) – It’s usually waking up late and cleaning up the apartment. Besides, I’m not lucky enough to get Mondays off (thanks for rubbing it in) — except this past Monday (thanks Mr. Columbus Explorer sir) which was nice. Your painting is very beautiful! Nice work :) And why pray tell do you hate Tyra Banks? Happy Tuesday – Iva

    • Kelly

      Are there people who like Tyra Banks? I never considered that.

      • AwesomelyOZ

        Not that I can recall, maybe my sisters did at one point. All i kept hearing is she has a big forehead.

  • Michelle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your paintings!!! Love it even more that you posted a picture of your Mom too..I swear she does not age. Um..can you go back and paint me one just like that for my living room? =)

    • Kelly

      My mom’s gonna like that comment.

    • Gabriele

      Thanks Michele. But I am getting older. I still think of myself as your Aunt Gabriele…just no longer your “Beautiful” Aunt Gabriele. It was a great day with Kelly. But then, for me, any day with Kelly is a great day! Hope you and your family are all doing well. Still love you guys!

  • zoe

    Paint alongs are so fun! I’m doing one on friday :)

    • Kelly

      I’m legitimately thinking about opening one of these places.

  • Alisha

    What a cool idea!

    My Sunday just been was the best in a while. I got up early, went for a run along the waterfront, grabbed a coffee on my way home, then got busy in the kitchen. Then had an assortment of friends come over to eat nice food, sit on outdoor couches, drink wine, and talk trash. Was lovely.

    • Kelly

      Talking trash is one of my favorite Sunday past times.

  • Beedee

    Thanks for sharing! Hope Thanksgiving in the Poconos is on your calendar. Oma is planning to be there…

    • Gabriele

      I’m hoping that Kelly & Jeff will join us for the Thanksgiving weekend in the Poconos, but they get so busy with their plans…and I hope Oma can also make it. That’s the plans.