How To Have An Unproductive Day

Unproductive Day

One of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog was called How NOT To Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last, which basically considered the idea that maybe we all need to chill the fuck out on this notion of constantly “seizing the day”. Every time I see one of those memes on Facebook or Instagram about making the most of my life, I want to remind the author that anyone who was actually out there doing that, would probably be too busy heli-skiing or wreck diving to spend half Read More…

How To Have A Productive Day

Productive Day

We’ve all got stuff we want to get done, right? Pretty important stuff even. Stuff that could transform our lives and turn us into happier human beings in general. Yet what do we do when it comes time to do that stuff? We close our eyes and commit to one more hour of sleep or change the channel for a couple more minutes of television. There’s a ton of menial nonsense that we allow to get in the way of pursuing the things that are most important to us and what is Read More…

The Best Brooklyn Bike Ride Ever! Greenpoint To Coney Island


Usually, around this time of year, I start to panic because I look back on my summer and realize that I spent a grand total of thirteen minutes outside. Subsequently, this is also the time of year that Jeff White starts to panic because the fury of excursion ideas I unleash on him are in such rapid succession, they tend to hit with the force of a three hundred foot tsunami. What can I say? That’s what he gets for having a girl as a best friend. But ANYWAY, this Read More…

Listen To An Esthetician-How To Give Yourself A Facial

Yeah fools! That's me in my professional getup featured on New York City's number one source for news, NY1! Just look at all the love between me and my former boss.

Sometimes I forget that I have this vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare, and by “vast wealth” I mean only just slightly more than you do. Why? Because one time, five years ago, I went to a six month technical school and learned all about pimples and rashes and serums and masks. But then I went into laser hair removal and forgot all about that stuff. HOWEVER, there are a few things that I’ve picked up over the years that I believe actually do make a difference Read More…

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Weird Giraffe Silhouette Painting


Some of you may remember that around two months ago, I made the ridiculous decision to stop watching so much television. This resulted in me doing all sorts of crazy things like making fancy water, reading a book and leaving my apartment. At one point I was even fully convinced that I had become Martha Stewart and attempted to make string art by jamming around eight thousand nails, in the shape of a giraffe, into reinforced cardboard planks . It didn’t work out, yet when you’re as resourceful and determined Read More…

How To Spend A Ton Of Money, Trying To Save Money, On A Derby Hat


OK, so I’m a little late for the Derby, but here in New York we have the Belmont Stakes which is basically the same thing, only on Long Island, and just cause we ain’t in Kentucky doesn’t mean we don’t like to get fancy. But then, because we aren’t in Kentucky, getting the right kind of fancy can be a bit of a challenge. Men have it easy. Those who choose to get dressed up, typically don seersuckers. With the right kind of vision, a dude can put this together Read More…

How To Beat The Sunday Blues

BeFunky_photo (42)

Every week on Sunday around 4 p.m. I look at the clock and realize I only have about seven hours left until my weekend is officially over. A panic begins to set in as I start a countdown until my midnight bedtime, where I’ll have to pack it in and start my work week all over again.

How To Go To The Desert And Barely Make It Out Alive


I don’t know anyone who wants to go on a vacation without the constant threat of death looming over them. Being from New York, I’m not happy unless my stress levels are so high, I can pop a blood vessel as easily as the four Xanax it takes to get me on a plane. So imagine my delight, when after planning what was supposed to be a relaxing week in Sedona, Arizona, I came to find out it’s actually one of the most terrifying places on the planet. Here is Read More…

How To Get Your Autumn On In Under Six Hours


I love October! There’s so much to do. Each year at the beginning of the month I can’t wait to go apple picking and spend Sunday afternoons at German beer gardens and watch scary movies and visit haunted houses, all while wearing a woolly grey sweater that I knitted myself in front of a fire, or three custard-scented candles rather. And each year by the end of the month, I have done exactly none of these things. In fact I’m lucky if I spend an hour frantically running around a Ricky’s Read More…

How To Spend A Ton Of Money, Trying To Save Money, On Picture Frames


Last year when I moved into my apartment, I wanted to be thrifty with the decorative elements, so I decided to make my own picture frames. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube about how to use distress ink and then made a quick jaunt to my local craft store to buy a couple of ink pads and maybe some glittery powders if things got out of hand. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS and forty crafting items later, and it seemed I was ready to make my super cheap wall hangings. Read More…