Valentine’s Day


One time on Valentine’s Day, I got my girly on, and wore an adorable little skirt, and a pink and white striped sweater, with a fake fur jacket, and got my hair and nails all did, and was super excited to go out to a fancy dinner. I had no idea where we were headed but Jeff’s “I got this” face was enough to make me all bouncy in the cab on the way.

He took me to Peter Luger’s. Possibly one of the best steak houses in the country, but it was filled with old men, and we had to sit at a picnic table…on benches.

Oh! And I cried.

The look on Jeff’s face after we were seated was a cross between complete confusion and sheer terror. “Are you OK?” he leaned in and asked me carefully.

I did my best to compose myself and then looked him dead in the eyes. “It’s like…do you even know me at all?” I whispered harshly.

In my defense, I was an asshole.

God speed to you men out there today. God speed.

  • Jenn from much to my delight

    Aren’t you a vegetarian? I’m assuming that’s where the tears came in…Hope you get a big mushroom casserole this year!

    • RheelDaze

      Ha! Yes. But this was around fifteen years ago before I gave up meat. I think it’s the only time we ever did anything for Valentine’s Day. Can you blame him? Poor guy.

  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    LoL A for effort – I’m home ridden this Valentine’s Day so don’t feel too bad. 😛 Valentine’s day is overrated anyways and I’m in a relationship – anyone can remember Valentine’s day but remember our actual Anniversary and that’ll get cha laid! Happy Friday love -iva

    • RheelDaze

      How are you feeling Iva?! Can you eat some comfort food at least? Sometimes being home ridden is the best. An excuse to stay in and eat junk and watch TV. I hope you’re enjoying yourself at least a little! And thanks for the Liebster Nomination!

  • Mcgyvra

    Ha! I did the same thing getting roses from my then-husband. “You KNOW I hate red roses on Valentine’s Day! EVERYONE gets red roses on Valentine’s Day!” Yep, I was an asshole too.

    • RheelDaze

      Women, huh? Can’t live with em…I guess that’s the end. It was so funny though because I’ve never been into Valentine’s Day and this one year he decided to take me somewhere so I got into it and dressed up and got excited and my face just dropped when we walked in. I was expecting like a swanky, cool, Manhattan experience and we were in a barn in Brooklyn pretty much. And roses?! Yeah, I wouldn’t be too excited about that either. BORING!

  • Lynsey @ Eternally Wanderlyn

    This year I opted for merely lounging in bed while channel surfing, which I loved. There were no long lines, crowds filled with couples overdoing it on the PDA, and no giant teddy bears lurking in the corner. It was just a nice lazy night. While I had said no gifts, Troy still surprised me with something small. And I swear it was just out of fear that I would pull the typical woman line and be all, “But you should know that I really DO want something!” LOL.