What Exactly Went Wrong Here?

Me and Vanna

Who would have ever thought these two would amount to nothing?

Well it was bound to happen sometime. I would have preferred never, but hey, we all gotta pay the bills.

That’s right. I’m back at work.

My new job is OK. I’m doing waxing again which I like and the people I’m working with are really cool so that’s a plus. However, I’m making significantly less money than I used to at my old place. In fact, for the entire first week that I’m training, I’m being paid minimum wage before I start my regular schedule where tips and commissions are involved. I also have to wear scrubs now instead of my standard black flared yoga pants and matching T-shirt.

As I was walking to the gym after my shift today, I had a funny thought. I pictured myself at sixteen peering into the future and catching a glimpse of me now at thirty-four in my new uniform. How excited would I be when I thought Oh my God! Look at me, I’m a doctor when I grow up!

And then how my jaw would drop when my crystal ball told me “No honey, you work at McDonalds.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, so naturally I texted Vanna with my vision right away. This was her response:


 That’s a best friend for you.


  • Vanna

    I was looking at that picture and wondering where that was taken, who had that snazzy couch?

    • Kelly

      My mom’s place in Valley Cottage. On the other side of the couch were Krisanne, my two brothers.

  • Gabriele Davieds

    That was Mikes couch…on loan for a while! Talk about looking into that crystal ball…it’s not always pretty!

  • Beedee

    Been there… Not on that couch though.

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